You know who I’m talking about.

If life is a game, they play full out.

When they aren’t working on their latest passion project they’re off on an outdoor adventure. She’s confident and asks for what she wants. He’s too busy doing what he loves, to care about what other people think.

Playful, earnest and passionate. He stands up for himself and others when something isn’t right. Living her days to the fullest, she seizes every opportunity to benefit humanity. They’re surrounded by a tribe that encourages them to the best they can be. They earnestly call forward the best in others too.

She dares, again and again, to be true to herself. To believe in her dreams, to dance, to play with abandon.

And so, she’s free.


You want what they have.

Purpose. Joy. Freedom. Passion. Impact.

You (yes, you!) are why I’m a lifestyle consultant and coach. I’m here to provide you with inspiring and useful lifestyle consulting and coaching services. I’ll share all the tools, strategies and inspiration you need to play big!

I use a unique approach that combines connecting with nature, outdoor adventure, play and all my experience, tools, strategies and resources to help you see your greatness. At home in yourself you’ll find clarity, confidence, inner peace, strength and courage to lead the life you desire and make the contribution you were born to make in your life and the lives of others.


Why waste another minute in doldrum when you can play instead?

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